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Saskatchewan safety training initiative a first for North America

Today, the Saskatchewan Safety Council is proud to announce the formation of a strategic alliance of organizations brought together by the Saskatchewan Safety Council that results in everyone in Saskatchewan between the ages of 14 and 21 having access to completely free career focused safety education! This is believed to be the first time in North America that this level of safety training has been made universally available to all young workers.

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Core Information:
Saskatchewan will become the first jurisdiction in North America to offer universal career focused, industry specific safety training, completely free to all youth between the ages of 14 and 21.

A strategic alliance of industries has come together with education partners to launch this initiative after a 5 year pilot involving more than 20 School Divisions and 6 First Nations.

Through its safety training programs, Career Safety Education encourages the development of awareness, attitudes and habits which result in a culture of safety effecting both workplace and home life.

Career Safety Education has several connections within Saskatchewan curriculum outcomes. List of curriculum connections.

Career Safety Education includes training in worker rights and responsibilities through the Young Worker Readiness Course (WorkSafe), training in basic chemical safety through WHMIS 2015 (Saskatchewan Safety Council), and one standardized industry designed safety orientation: Agriculture: Online Agriculture Training System – Saskatchewan Safety Council; Heavy Construction, Earthmoving and Roadbuilding: Roadbuilders Safety Training System – Heavy Construction Safety Association of Saskatchewan; Construction and Trades: Saskatchewan Construction Orientation Training – Saskatchewan Construction Safety Association; Healthcare: Workplace Assessment and Violence Education – Saskatchewan Association of Safe Workplaces in Health; Energy, Oil and Gas: Electronic General Safety Orientation – Energy Safety Canada

* additional orientations are currently under development *

If completed through their school, a number of additional electives are available for either practical or online training once the core modules are complete.

The significant rate of youth injuries and fatalities in our Saskatchewan workplaces is a topic that concerns us all and one that has not been ignored. That is precisely why the Saskatchewan Safety Council and WorkSafe Saskatchewan partnered in 2013 to address this important issue under the Early Safety Training pilot program. This initiative had a goal of ensuring that all youth in Saskatchewan would have access to free, career focused safety education, before starting their first jobs to better prepare our future workforce and in so doing reduce or eliminate workplace injury for our youth.

As of 2013, Early Safety Training became a joint initiative of the Saskatchewan Safety Council and WorkSafe Saskatchewan. The first step was the establishment of a provincial steering committee, made up of all the Industry Safety Associations, Safe Saskatchewan, private industry, and Education. Through the 5 year pilot, various forms of delivery were tested, including Self-Study, Hosted Groups and Curriculum Fitted. Under the guidance of our provincial steering committee work was done to make processes easy for educators to use and ensure the program was specifically addressing injury trends within the various industries. The piloted program included more than 20 School Divisions and six First Nations and resulted in the delivery of over 63,000 hours of safety training. Now out of the pilot phase, this project is known as Career Safety Education and is free to all Saskatchewan residents between the ages of 14 and 21.

To find more information visit: http://www.sasksafety.org/training/youth/career-safety-education

Link to downloadable poster to share in schools and communities

Promotional video targeting youth ages 14 to 21.

About the Saskatchewan Safety Council
Since 1955, the Saskatchewan Safety Council, a non-profit registered charity, has been dedicated to the prevention of injury in Saskatchewan… at home, at play, and at work.

Funded through donations, membership contributions, sponsorships, grants, and the distribution of its safety programs and materials, the revenues generated by the Safety Council are invested within the province of Saskatchewan to further promote safety.

Media Contact: Merissa Scarlett – 306.757.3197

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