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Our Unintentional Injury Epidemic

Saskatchewan compares unfavorably to all other jurisdictions in Canada for on and off-the-job injuries.

Our province has the second worst workplace time loss injury record in the country.
Outside the workplace, our injury hospitalization rate is twice the national average, and Saskatchewan people die of injuries 1.4 times more often than anywhere else in Canada.

Every year, all preventable injuries in Saskatchewan create a drain of $1 billion on the provincial economy, through the health care system, Workers’ Compensation Program, SGI, and other insurer disability costs.

Whether injuries occur at work or at home, the impact of this ‘silent epidemic’ on the individual, the family, the workplace, and the economy is the same. They cost our families and our communities emotionally, and impact our workplaces and our province financially.

See the Business Case for Injury Prevention for the full context.


Saskatchewan’s solution to reduce unintentional injuries

As employers—as leaders in the community—we need to be seen to be part of the solution, not creators of the problem. Safe Saskatchewan believes our organizations, employees, and communities all deserve to live injury-free, healthy lives. Injuries are not accidents. Together, we can put a stop to this epidemic.

Any “cultural shift” must begin with a commitment made by the leader. The Saskatchewan Health & Safety Leadership Charter is a public commitment that safety is a key value for you and your company.

As community leaders publicly support the Charter, and the value of health and safety in all areas of life, we believe the wider population of Saskatchewan will embrace a culture where health and safety is paramount.

By working together, Saskatchewan leaders can be instrumental in improving the lives of Saskatchewan people, enhancing the economic environment for business, and saving millions of dollars in health and social costs, one workplace and one community at a time.

This background sheet (pdf – 119 KB) on the Saskatchewan Health & Safety Leadership Charter explains how Saskatchewan’s silent epidemic concerning unintentional injuries was the driving force behind the Charter, and lists how companies will benefit by signing the Charter.

Click below to open the attached read-only copy of the Saskatchewan Health & Safety Leadership Charter.



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