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Videos to prevent ergonomic injuries in manufacturing

Lift with your legs. Bend your knees. Wear your protective gear.

It sounds like a broken record, but it bears repeating.

Injuries suffered at work will hurt even more after you learn they could have been prevented had you taken the time to be safe.

Almost every task we take on in a day is affected when we’re dealing with physical pain. Simple things like walking or driving become uncomfortable, or routine fun and games with the kids in the yard or with friends at the park aren’t fun anymore because you’re sore.

Typically, the injuries you suffer at work tend to linger for several days or weeks, not just a few minutes.

This is why WorkSafe Saskatchewan, in partnership with the Safety Association of Saskatchewan Manufacturers (SASM) and the Chiropractors’ Association of Saskatchewan (CAS), is striving to prevent ergonomic injuries in manufacturing.

WorkSafe Saskatchewan has produced four videos to address common injuries in this industry and to provide solutions.

Watch the videos and share with co-workers and staff at your next safety meeting.

Did you know:

  • 40 per cent: Time lost injuries in manufacturing are due to poor ergonomic practices;
  • $4,000: The cost of the average back injury from poor ergonomic practices. This does not include the uninsured costs such as lost time and lost productivity;
  • 20 days: The average duration for a back injury claim;
  • $17,000: The average cost of a shoulder injury due to poor ergonomic practices;
  • 66 days: The average duration of time lost due to shoulder injury.

As part of the project, OHS ergonomists are visiting manufacturers, surveying the workers about existing pain and evaluating work stations and tasks to help prevent injuries in the future. The ergonomists are also providing the companies with information about the Safety Association of Saskatchewan Manufacturers (SASM).

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