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Warner Industries is Safe Saskatchewan’s Newest Strategic Partner

Roger Pettigrew doesn’t agree with the old saying “accidents will happen”. Pettigrew is the general Manager of Warner Industries, a transportation company that, after 34 years in business, has never seen a catastrophic incident.

“That’s proven we’re focused on the best interest of the environment and health and safety of our employees,” says Pettigrew. “We’re committed every day to keeping a safe workplace environment.”

They have 300 employees at seven locations in four cities and two provinces, and they safely transport 6,200 children a day through the Warner Transportation Group.

Already Motor Safety Association members and Saskatchewan Health and Safety Leadership Charter signatories, Pettigrew says joining Safe Saskatchewan as a strategic partner on Oct. 6 was “a no-brainer.”

“The return on investment will be manifold because you can’t put a price on the value of a life,” says Pettigrew.

He sees Saskatchewan’s record of having the second-worst workplace time loss for injuries in Canada as a challenge that will be overcome.

“That’s a challenge as business owners that we embrace, and culturally, we work with the network and organization so we continue to work on moving the needle positively so Saskatchewan isn’t in that category any more.”

Earl Cameron, Safe Saskatchewan president and VP of Auto Fund with SGI, says companies like Warner Industries are leading by example.

“We’re very excited and proud to have Warner as a new strategic partner,” says Cameron. “To have someone like Warner Industries to promote this message is hugely critical to the success of change in Saskatchewan so we can live injury-free.”

Cameron says there’s a sense of pride in being a strategic partner, and a sense that you’re really able to make a difference. He says Safe Saskatchewan aims to include a diverse group of companies on its board of directors, encouraging partnered businesses to share best practices and ideas, and they’re especially excited to have Warner on board because they bring a new perspective.

“[Strategic partners] are truly the leaders in their industry or community on promoting these best practices, those ideas that can be put forward and championed by Safe Saskatchewan to continue this journey to change behaviour, so people don’t accept that there’s a certain amount of risk to doing things whether at work or at home.”

Pettigrew echos this sentiment, saying he likes the idea of all the partners sending out a message that’s unified in principle, and that he looks forward to the opportunity to network and share ideas about safety with other businesses.

“It’s a cultural alignment, not even a change for us. We were there in principle and mindset already, and now we’re taking it to the next step.”


Oct 6 2015 Pic 2
Safe Saskatchewan’s Gord Moker with Graham Warner, President of Warner Industries.


Oct 6 2015 Pic 3
Roger Pettigrew, General Manager of Warner Industries with Gord and Graham.


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